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How Can We Make It Last Forever?

Real love is built on a rock.

If only loving someone was as easy as it seems in the movies.  

Yet, real love takes work.  A love that goes the distance, is possible when we first know ourselves and love ourselves.

It’s true that if you are not complete as a person, marriage will not help you.  Looking to someone else to complete us is misguided.

A lasting relationship can exist when we are ready to do the emotional heavy lifting within ourselves.

Whether you are currently in a relationship, or hopeful about the future, remember these 3 tips for creating a love that lasts the test of time:

1. Know thyself.

A partner that comes to their relationship whole, with everything to offer, knows themselves.  When we know ourselves, recognizing our patterns and triggers, we navigate our relationship with more grace and patience.  Psychologists have found that knowing ourselves leads to greater self control, tolerance, understanding of others, vitality and pleasure, which all serve to strengthen your union.

2. Set up clear expectations.

Being a supportive partner starts with knowing your limits and expectations.  When we are upfront with our partners about our expectations regarding family, friends, finances, etc. all of our cards are on the table.  If this did not happen at the beginning, reset those expectations now.

3. Start with joy.

We can make it last forever by always finding ways to share joyful experiences with each other.  Life hits us with so many challenges; it’s commonplace to vent to our partners, not even realizing the burden placed on their shoulders.  The world is rough enough.  At home, and when you are spending time together, always make sharing joy a top priority.

Indeed, lasting love is a moving sea between the shores of two souls.  Only when that connection is honored and cultivated will we experience the type of love that lasts a lifetime.


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