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10 T.D. Jakes Quotes To Guide Us Towards Our Greater Purpose

Who were you born to be?

Our time on this earth is both precious and limited.

Life’s pressures and responsibilities often muffle the voice of authentic purpose which resides within. Yet, with every passing day we get another chance to live connected to our greater purpose.  

Reflect on these quotes as you claim your purpose, once and for all:

1. What is your real calling?


2. The only way to grow is to keep it moving!


3. No more people pleasing--live within your absolute truth.


4. It’s time to get in line with the greater plan for your life.

5. You hold all the keys.  Never doubt your strength.

6. The best times of your life are coming!


7. Never settle for your comfort zone.

8. Your heart knows the way--just listen and take action!

9. Whether you are 18 or 80, it is never too late to try again.

10. Don’t try and live the life others want for you; live the life you have dreamed of.



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