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3 Reasons It's OK To Change Your Career Right Now

Start running towards your destiny!

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It’s time to fundamentally realize that you may start out doing something that is not the ‘thing’ you were created to do.  It may only be the thing that leads to the thing you were created to do.  Don’t stop at where you are as if it’s the destination, when in fact, in reality, it may be the transportation that brings you into that thing you were created to do!

Keep advancing along the path and you will find the career you have searched for all these years.  Every job experience, however small it may seem at the time, has put you on the road to your destiny.  In fact, between the ages of 18 to 48, the average person will hold over eleven different jobs.  

Imagine yourself working at a job at which you feel proud.  Visualize yourself loving what you do!  Remember, hard work doesn’t feel so hard when you are doing what you love.

As you move into your greater purpose in life, remind yourself of these three reasons why it’s OK to change your career right now:

1. Going to work every day makes you sad, stressed and anxious.

According to a national report, 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly 50% say that they need help learning how to manage stress.  We spend so much of our days away from our loved ones at work; when it becomes unbearable, a career change is long overdue.  Of course some work stress comes with the territory, but when the thought of going to your job manifests physical symptoms, it’s time to get that resume out there.

2. Your job compromises your values.

According to the Harvard Business Review working for a company that preaches a set of values, while it conducts business in the opposite way, causes employees to feel cynical and dispirited.  Are you stuck doing a job solely for the paycheck as it robs you of your dignity or values?  Don’t assume that you will never find a job that pays as yours does now, start researching what else is out there and make the move.  Walk away from the empty mission statements and claims of working as a team when the truth is far from it.  Find others that live and breathe their positive mission for their work.

3. Your destiny is calling!

Every day you hear your inner voice reminding you that something bigger calls.  You know that you love working with children, for example, but went into the family business instead. A recent poll found that 71% of employees are disillusioned and dislike their jobs.  Why do so many of us settle for jobs that take us from our destiny?  Break this cycle of complacency as you take commanding steps towards your true career.

Hesitation and fear don’t have to stand between you and your purpose.  Your past experiences were merely the transportation towards your higher calling. Good things await as you forge ahead into the career best aligned with your core values.


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