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3 Reasons To Call Your Best Friend Right Now

Reach out.

A life lived to it’s fullest is usually a life that is busy and bustling.

Amidst the daily grind of work, family, and relationships, it’s remarkably easy to overlook small but important parts of our lives. However, those aspects are even more crucial to maintaining our happiness when life is its most hectic.   

Our largest source of revitalization can actually come from a very familiar place: our friends. When we are feeling the strains of a frantic day, a short call to our best friends is the perfect boost that’ll reset our resolve, restart our determination, and remind us that someone’s in our corner.

Here’s 3 reasons why you need to call your best friend.

1. A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Heart.

Even when surrounded by people, it’s easy to feel lonely if we are too involved and too busy to engage with the people around us. That loneliness can be heartbreaking--literally!

John Cacioppo, a social psychologist from University of Chicago, has found in his research that loneliness has seriously dangerous effects on our health. Besides having negative impacts on the nervous and immune systems, loneliness also affects the cardiovascular system by increasing blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, both of which damage the structure of the heart.

Taking the time to call your best friend regularly gives a small but mighty connection to another that will stave off loneliness and the heartbreaking implications.   

2. Your Personal Cheerleader

It’s always good to know that there’s someone who has your back. Having a reminder that there are people fully invested in us increases our happiness and self confidence.

Author Carlin Flora coined the phrase “Friendfluence” to explain this phenomenon. Essentially, the supportive friendships we have play a huge role “in determining our sense of self,” adding to our optimism and self confidence. We see how our friends feel about us and it increases how we feel about ourselves.

Support like that is the best kind because it’s honest and sincere. Calling your best friend regularly is like having your very own pep rally to personally hype you up!  

3. Mutual Push In The Right Direction

Perhaps the greatest thing about having a best friend is the mutual push you give each other to be the best versions of yourselves you can be.      

According to psychiatrist Robert Rowney, one of the strongest qualities true friendships have is that they encourage their members to grow. Pushing each other to pursue our goals while also offering help to achieve those goals is the truest example of a supportive friendship.   

The potential that we see in our friends and that they see in us is a beautiful thing. A regular call to your best friend can be that habitual push you give to each other in order to grow into the people you know you’re meant to be.

There’s so much strength we can get from our friendships if we just reach out and make that call.

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