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3 Simple Ways To Brighten Your Neighbor's Day

Make their day.

When the holidays roll around every year, people all over the world come together to give thanks for and appreciate what they have in their lives.

However, it can be a difficult time for those how have little or none.

It’s times like these when we acknowledge our own prosperity that we should look at our neighbors' plates to make sure they have enough.

While there are plenty of ways to help our greater communities, our neighbors can sometimes benefit more from focused charity during holiday season.

1. Create coupons for neighbors to cash in throughout the year.

The homemade gifts are often the best because they come from the heart. Consider making a coupon book for your neighbors full of offers such as “Free Lawn Mowing”, “One Day of Pet Sitting”, or “One Free Car Wash”. Your freely given service will be much appreciated by your neighbors who may be in desperate need of the help.

2. Host a neighborhood party.

Hosting a party for your neighbors is a great way to give back because it does so without singling anyone out for the charity. With neighborhood parties, many people will benefit from the food, fun, friendship that the party will promote. Also, the party setting will help people feel more comfortable in accepting any assistance given during the gathering. Besides, everyone loves a party!

3. Give yourself as a gift.

Your time can be the best aid you have to offer your neighbors in need. Whether it is a regular visit to an elderly or home-bound neighbor or the offer of babysitting for an overworked mother, your neighbors are guaranteed to need help with something and will be grateful to have it when you willingly offer it as a gift.

They say charity begins at home so what better place to focus our giving than our neighbors.

When you know that your neighbors’ plates are full, you can enjoy your own blessings even more.

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