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3 Things You Can Learn From Your Kids

You've taught them; now let them return the favor.

As a parent, one of your main responsibilities is to teach your children about the world they are growing up in.  
The things you teach them will directly affect their lives. Some lessons are difficult to teach while others will be instantly rewarding but all are necessary to their growth.  
They are them because of you. (Photo: They are them because of you. )
As much as you are sure to have vital lessons to pass on, your children also have valuable wisdoms that you will benefit from as a parent and a person. 

1. The Joy of Simple Pleasures 

It's time to have some fun. (Photo: It's time to have some fun. )

Have you ever taken a moment to just sit and watch your children play?  
They are amazed and entertained by the simplest of things and enjoy life in a way few people hold onto once they age. They don’t see it as enjoying the little things; they simply operate that way naturally.  
Learning to do the same from time to time is extremely beneficial. 
A study by "Dr. Happiness", Edward Diener, PhD, found that partaking of simple enjoyments (everyday things that make you happy) is more important to emotional well being than occasional moments of euphoria. Consider that your excuse to spend more time doing what you love! 

2. The Value of Friendliness 

Friendship is powerful. (Photo: Friendship is powerful. )

While we can all admit there are reasons to be wary of strangers, there is something wonderfully pure about a child’s natural inclination towards friendliness. Children are able to meet another child and instantly connect with them on a casual yet significant level.  
They are able to be friendly with each other.  
Extending warmth to others is not just the kind thing to do, but it also makes us feel good to do so. If we learn to offer goodwill the way children do, the perks will be far reaching.  

3. Your Potential For Playfulness 

Show them your silliness. (Photo: Show them your silliness. ) 
As mentioned above, there is a heart-warming magic that is created when children play. Their imaginations are ignited and they fly away to other worlds of wonder and fun.  
They are not the only ones who are capable of that. As we age, we may reign in our imaginations and playfulness but they are not destroyed all together.  
Even when older, we still need play in our lives to stimulate and add to our well being. Also, engaging in playfulness helps strengthen relationships, increase creativity, and encourages problem solving. Besides those benefits, playing is just plain fun! 
Children give back in small ways as they grow up but the gift of unintentional wisdom may be the most helpful. Don’t be afraid to flip the script and learn a little something new from your kids.  
Learn from each other. (Photo: Learn from each other. )

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