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4 Ways To Prepare Your Elementary Student For College

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The type of student you were in elementary school is likely the same type of student you were in high school. The same work habits and routines we develop as kids stay with us the rest of our lives. When preparing your elementary student to be college ready, don’t worry so much about what they know instead focus on how they prepare for school.  

Here are 4 ways you can prepare your elementary school student for college:

1. Explore Your World

Drop everything and go see the world or at least the 100-mile radius around your city. Give your student an opportunity to enjoy new experiences and develop a lifetime of memories. They don’t have to be expensive getaways, just get in the car and drive somewhere your student has never been – eat there, see that, take a picture of those strange things – just go somewhere. 

2. Be Involved

The difference between a high performing and low performing schools typically boils down to parental involvement. This is the secret no one in education is allowed to talk about: it doesn’t matter how great the teacher is or how new and improved the text books are, what matters most is parental involvement. 

3. Exercise

Your student needs to run, jump, swim, and play their way to a 4.0 G.P.A. Stop letting your future college student grow roots in the couch. Join a little league team in your neighborhood or grab a flier for AYSO sign-ups.  Exercise and physical fitness is directly linked to student academic performance. When you’re working out your body, you’re working out your mind, so let's hop to it.

4. Read

Have you seen a math book these days? They are chock full of writing. If your student struggles with grade level texts, they will lose access to the material in all of their core classes – language arts, science and history. Your child needs to be able to read directions, analyze text, and interpret meaning from several sources.  In order to strengthen their reading muscles, have them read billboards, menus, and street signs. Have them read it all. Show them how fun reading can be, it just might translate into higher salary for them in the future.

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