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5 Coretta Scott King Quotes To Help Us Live With Strength

Wisdom for living from the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement.

Coretta Scott King lived her life with grace, honor, and strength.

Supportive and uplifting to her husband, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mrs. King found strength in the love of her family and service to her fellow man. Mrs. King once shared with T.D. Jakes, “I was called to be his wife. It was my destiny to stand beside him.”

We can use these 5 quotes from Mrs. King as we tap into our own power for living:

1. Let us live with grace and abundant love.  

2. You hold the power to change this world.

3. Freedom is a hard-won battle.

4. Women hold the key.

5. Your heart is your strength.

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