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5 Lesser Known Ways You Can Give Back This Holiday Season

It is far better to give than it is to receive.

The holiday season is a time when many people feel moved to give back to the less fortunate in their communities.

While volunteering at food banks or soup kitchens and donating canned foods or toys are great ways to help others, there are many other things that can be done to help out that receive less attention.

If you are looking to give back, try some of these lesser known ways to do good this holiday season.

1. Consider donating blood or plasma.

This gift can save a life. (Photo: This gift can save a life. )

For millions of people every year, the gift of blood or plasma is live saving. While many people donate during times of crisis, it is important to blood banks that their stocks stay well filled all year, especially in rarer blood and plasma types. Donating blood and plasma is quick, easy, and vital to the well being of others. The American Red Cross can help you find a donation center closest to you.

2. Spend time at animal shelters.

Don't forget man's best friends. (Photo: Don't forget man's best friends. )

Let’s not forget our furry friends this holiday season. There are plenty of shelters full of homeless animals that would love for you to spend a little bit of time with them. You can donate treats and toys, volunteer to walk and play with the animals, or sign up to clean kennels and bath the homeless pets. Anyway you can help will be well appreciated by the four legged furballs.

3. Drop off holiday cards and treats to hospices and retirement homes.

Show them you care. (Photo: Show them you care. )

For people living in hospices and assisted living facilities, the holidays can be a lonely and depressing time of year if they do not have friends and family around to spend it with. That’s why taking time to send holiday cards and treats can do so much good. Offering them a little reminder that there are people who still value and appreciate them.

4. Run a 5k for charity.

You'll feel accomplished and help others at the same time. (Photo: You'll feel accomplished and help others at the same time. )

The fall and winter seasons are full of marathons and 5k/10ks that you can join in on with the goal of raising money for a charity of your choice. Check out marathons near you and find a cause you are passionate about to raise money for. Running your first holiday marathon may start a tradition you continue every year.

5. Arrange a coat/sweater/jacket donation.

A gift that warms body and soul. (Photo: A gift that warms body and soul. )

Everyone should have a warm coat during the cold months but many still do without. It is incredibly easy to organize a coat drive in your neighborhood, at your workplace, or through your church or social club. By collecting and distributing coats, sweaters, and jackets you can help keep a lot of people warm this holiday season.

Anyway you can give to the less fortunate is truly a blessing to both giver and receiver. You might find that the best thing you donate this time of year is a little bit of holiday spirit.

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