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5 Podcasts That Will Help Your Wallet

When you know better, you do better.

In the car, the subway, at lunch or on an exercise bike, these five shows will help make the world of money make sense, no matter your situation.

1. The Rich Dad Radio Show

This podcast is a self-described offering of “in-your-face advice on investing, personal finance, & starting a business.” The host, Robert Kiyosaki, authored the show’s predecessor––The New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad––and has discussed money with Larry King and Oprah, has written for Yahoo! Finance and has been featured in TIME.

Check out if: You want to cut through the fluff and listen to a tenacious investor give straight talk about finances.

Favorite episode: “Believe It and Be It”

2. Like a Mother with Emma Johnson

What does it mean to be a working mom? What about a working, single mom? Writer, mother, founder of and money expert Emmy Johnson uses her platform to explore the often-interconnected dynamics of parenthood and professional life. Topics range from dating to overspending, but nuggets of wisdom abound.

Check out if: You are looking to strike the precious balance between financial shark and superhero parent.

Favorite episode: “Do you spend TOO much time with your kids?”

3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Selected by listeners as the “Best Financial Podcast of 2015,” So Money is a daily podcast born from host Farnoosh Torabi’s own journey from broke graduate to best-selling author and highly sought after public speaker. Torabi brings in massive influencers like Seth Godin and Tony Robbins to share their habits and tips that have led to financial success, and each Friday she tackles listener questions.

Check out if: You eat podcasts like candy. Torabi releases a new episode each day, so you’ll never run out of advice.

Favorite episode: “Ramit Sethi and Achieving More in 2015”

4. Money for the Rest of Us

David Stein, host of Money for the Rest of Us, has quite an impressive resume that includes Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Portfolio Strategist for a multi-billion dollar investment advisory firm.

Check out if: You are curious about the ins and outs of the modern economy and how that affects you on a personal level.

Favorite episode: “Are You Saving Enough to Retire Early?”

5. Stacking Benjamins

Host Joe Saul-Sehy labels his show Stacking Benjamins as one for those who are drawn to “podcasts for entertainment rather than hardcore financial tips…” The magazine-style show is neatly organized into engaging but informed segments that make addressing personal finance less intimidating and easier to wrap your mind around.

Check out if: You are quirky and want to hear a fun podcast produced from the half-finished basement of the host’s mom (so he says).

Favorite episode: “Top 5 Dumbest Rules of Thumb”

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