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5 T.D. Jakes Quotes About How To Love

With love, everything is possible.

Love is forever.  It cultivates the best in us; when we are loved we grow and when we love in return, we flourish.  

When love is real there are no limits to what we will do for another.  While love certainly climbs mountains and defeats obstacles, love is also quiet, supportive and above all else nurturing.  

Here are five ways to authentically love someone:

1. Real love means working to understand each other. No judgement, only support.

2. When you love someone you are open to share the good, the bad and everything in between.

3. Loving someone means holding on--not just when it’s convenient, but through the roughest storms.


4. Love is not false dependency nor attempts to control the other.  Love means giving of ourselves--freely.


5. When we love someone we never stop showing them our respect and support, especially when they are down.  

Indeed, love is the most powerful force we know.  When love is true, there is no limit to all the good it can do.  


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