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5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Doctor Visit

Ask questions, get answers and live longer.

Who can deny scheduling a doctor’s appointment can be a pain in the neck. Even more, once there, your time with the doctor can seem rushed.

With an average of only fifteen minutes per doctor appointment, it's vital to advocate for your health care needs efficiently. Arriving at the appointment with a plan of action is crucial.

Here are 5 ways to ensure that your visit to your physician is maximized:

1. Make A List And Check It Twice

Write a detailed list of all of the questions you have for your doctor. Be ready to take out that list in the appointment room and check it off as the points are addressed. Too often patients feel rushed and forget to ask about other concerns or pains they experience. Your list will aid in clearing that worry.

2. Master The Paperwork And Forms

Be sure to have your identification and insurance cards easily accessible. This is especially true when visiting a new office. Doctor’s offices often have their paperwork for new patients accessible online. Print it out and fill it in at home; this will save time and frustration as you will have easier access to all the information required. Most importantly, it will speed up the time to get you through the door!

3. Don’t Watch The Clock!

When you are in the room with the doctor, don’t feel rushed, even if they might be overbooked. This is your appointment time so go ahead and ask everything you need help with. The doctor may want to rush you along, but go back to that list and take your time. 

4. Email Your Doctor

If you are being seen for a specific condition you might have follow up questions. Ask your doctor for her email address. Several doctor’s offices have set up direct patient to doctor email. Any concerns that pop up are valid and a quick email to your physician can help you wrap your head around your next steps.

5. Get Copies  

Ask for copies of any blood tests that were run, as well as results to other lab work. You can use the results to look over what was tested and decide whether a second opinion or follow up test is needed.

The goal of any doctor’s visit is to come out better educated, with a plan of action and feeling less anxious about your health. A doctor should guide you and share their best ideas for your care. Never hesitate to take your time and be your own best health advocate!

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