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6 T.D. Jakes Quotes To Support Us During The Healing Process

Our hearts will be made whole again.

Healing is not a straightforward road--instead it is paved with backtracking, twists and turns.  

Some days we feel as though we’ve conquered the pain, while others the pain is all we feel.  But we must remember that everything in our lives happens for a reason.  We will overcome these painful experiences and build a stronger self in the process.

Let’s use these 6 reminders to guide us on the road to healing:

1. The pain you went through has shaped you--for the better.  


2. They can only keep hurting you if you allow it.  Set this burden down--for good.

3. Your pain and trauma will never define you.  You are invincible!

4. Every hard-won battle has filled you with a light no one and nothing can dim.

5. Now that you know better, do better.

6. To be human is to experience it all.  Pain, pleasure, grief and joy intermix and add depth to your life.


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