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A Hero's Instinct: The Courageous Feat of Reneita Smith

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

When you think of a hero, usually your mind brings up images of incredible superhumans wearing masks and capes while fighting crime. You might also envision the brave men and women who serve their country to protect our freedoms.

We associate those figures with the word ‘hero’, but they are far from the only heroes in the world.

What makes a hero?(Photo: What makes a hero?)

It was an ordinary September workday when Reneita Smith was called upon to become a hero. While driving, the back of her school bus started to smoke and flame. Ms. Smith did not hesitate to jump into action.

She pulled the bus over and immediately started pulling the elementary kids out of the dangerous situation.  She carried all 20 children to safety. The bus was engulfed in flames by the time she rescued all the students.

If it was not for her quick thinking and heroic actions, precious lives would have been lost.

Ms. Smith is an example of how everyday people can do extraordinary things if they take a leap of faith and choose to help others. To be a hero, all you need is the instinct to do the right thing and courage to act upon it.

Too many times we have the option to take action but instead let fear or indifference get in our way but biological and psychological studies have found that when we help others, the centers of our brains that process pleasure and happiness come to life.

This means that when we help others, we feel good!    

Helping others makes us happy. (Photo: Helping others makes us happy. )

It doesn’t take much to be an everyday hero. A small action, a kind word, a helpful habit, or the call-out of an injustice are all easy ways to elevate your heroics and add some good to a world that needs it so desperately.

Make it a priority to faithfully show off your inner hero; cape and mask not required.

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