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A Mother And Son Help Children Feel “Seen” Before Son’s Tragic Death

Turn your pain into fuel to help others.

Sue Nuenke adopted her son, Christopher, when he was just four days old.

Tragically, Christopher was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at three-years-old.

Sue spent her life dedicated to Christopher’s health, happiness and development.  Sue read to her son and noticed that children with disabilities were never pictured in his books or stickers.   

Sue took action; she and Christopher created their own stickers and coloring books featuring children with disabilities who were smiling and actively enjoying their lives. They shared their images with their family and friends at first, but word spread quickly about these treasures.  


Soon, people from around the world were contacting Sue to purchase her coloring books for their own children and friends.

A project that started out as a way to show Christopher her unconditional love, touched the lives of so many.

Christopher passed away from complications of his disorder when he was twenty-five-years old, but Sue continued to draw for her son.  She channeled her pain into continuing her important work representing children of every kind.  

She said, “He’s 50% if not more of this whole project.  He was the motivation, he was my whole life.”


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