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A Pregnant Daughter Gives Her Dying Mom The Ultimate Gift

A mother’s love is everlasting.

(Photo: Taylor Masilotti, Facebook)

There is an unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters.

For Taylor Masilotti and her mother, Donna, their love and bond deepened three days before Donna took her last breath.

Over three years ago, Donna was diagnosed with stage IV lung and brain cancer.  Taylor stood by her mother’s side during her brave fight for her life.  

In the midst of the family’s suffering, some joyous news lifted everyone’s spirits: Taylor was expecting her first child.  Both Taylor and Donna were elated about this blessing.  

For Taylor, getting to share all her pregnancy milestones with her mother was a gift.  Yet, their elation was cut short as it became obvious that Donna’s condition was worsening.  

Just months into Taylor’s pregnancy, Donna’s health began to fail.  She was hospitalized and the family was told to prepare for the worst.  Tragically, Taylor knew that her mother would most likely never get to hold her precious grandbaby in her arms.

Taylor turned her intense grief into action; she worked with her mother’s hospital to give her a truly eternal gift.

The hospital agreed to have a technician perform an ultrasound scan on Taylor at Donna’s bedside.  Snuggled warmly next to her mother, for one of the very last times, Taylor introduced Donna to her sweet, growing grandchild--a baby girl.  

Just three short days later, Donna passed.  

She never got to hold her granddaughter, but did hold her daughter’s hand as she saw that sweet baby for the one and only time.  Donna’s tears of joy carried her through to her very last days.  

Before Donna took her last breath, her family’s love enveloped her in eternal warmth.

The memory of her daughter’s gift was with her at the end.


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