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A Six-Year-Old Little Girl Gave Everything She Had To Help This Poor Man

See the world through the eyes of a child.

When we were children the world seemed so much simpler; things were right or wrong, black or white, joyous or full of pain.

As adults our innocence is often replaced with the weight of experience and the pressures of responsibility.  Often, we walk around our own neighborhoods pressed for time--running our errands, picking up meals and going about our business.

Yet, in the midst of our own struggles, we may fail to see the plight of our homeless brothers and sisters all around us.

For Kenyatta Lewis of Norfolk, Virginia, her six-year-old daughter brought this struggle into focus.  

In a Facebook post which has gone viral, Kenyatta shared that she and her daughter saw a homeless man sitting and weeping on the floor. Kenyatta focused on getting where they needed to be, but her daughter stopped and tried to comfort the man.  She was worried about his crying.

After speaking with the man, her daughter discovered that he was homeless due to a fire which took everything, including his wife.  

Kenyatta shared, “She gave him a few dollars out of her purse and her drink and said, ‘Please go eat.  It would make me happy.’”

Those around saw her daughter’s selfless act and were inspired to come and help him as well with food, money and meaningful conversations.

This six-year-old saw this man through her loving heart; all she saw was a fellow human being in need, and did the little she could to bring him comfort.

Indeed, no one is born with apathy, hatred or intolerance of others.  

Seeing the world through the eyes of this sweet child reminds us to treat others with the same dignity, respect and caring that we would wish bestowed upon us.


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