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A Walk Down The Aisle Brings Joy To The Hospital

Real love means giving back.

On their wedding day, Jamie and Matt Seifert took an unusual trip--to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.  

Jamie’s Grandma Pat fell ill one week before their wedding and could not see her beloved grandchild walk down the aisle.  Guided by the love in their hearts, Jamie and Matt decided to surprise Grandma Pat with a special, wedding-day visit to her hospital room.  

At the unusual site of a cameraman in her room, Grandma Pat asked, “What’s this?”

Her apprehension turned to tears of joy when the glowing bride walked into the room.  

As we know, true love always protects, hopes and perseveres.

Jamie and Matt gave Grandma Pat an eternal gift--that of their love and appreciation.  This trip down the aisle represents more than the union of two people, but the way in which marriage honors family.  

True love is the best medicine.

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