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Add This To Your Evening Routine For A Better Morning

Clear the way.

What do your heroes all have in common? They practice a set of habits that keep them focused, energized, and creative.

In order to start off each day in the best way possible, many of the most successful people in the world focus on pre-bedtime routines. Practices like disconnecting from social media and taking up nightly reading are favorites, but meditation is likely the crucial habit missing from your before bedtime activities.

Meditation is the practice of clearing one’s mind and focusing on your own presence in order to encourage a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Meditating can cover a wide genre of techniques from deep breathing exercises, visualization, aromatherapy, and even prayer.

The goal is to clear one’s worries away in order to have a blank mental and emotional slate. Many successful individuals such as Oprah and Russell Simmons highly recommend meditation as a night time activity to center themselves for a more restful night’s sleep and research backs up their claims.

John Hopkins University compiled 47 different studies that recorded marked positive findings as a result of regular meditation. The studies determined that meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Hoge from the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders, the mindfulness found through meditation helps stressed, anxious, and pained individuals to identify and deal with intrusive thoughts that contribute to worsening their conditions.

These findings suggest that meditation is exactly the sort of activity you want to perform before bed to ease high-strung nerves at end of a long and busy day. No wonder successful people recommend it!

Want to test the bedtime routines of the successful for yourself? Start by attempting meditation every night and by the morning you will wake up your own personal hero.

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