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An Overcomer’s Fight Song

Little Girl Charms The Internet With "Overcomer."

When faced with troubling times, it’s important to find something to keep us going. For 4-year-old Leah Carroll, it’s music that keeps her fighting, and that keeps joy in her world.

Leah has a rare blood disorder that has required two bone marrow transplants and nearly a year in the hospital, but it’s impossible to see those struggles when looking at the little girl.

That’s because besides her constant smiles, Leah also has a song in her heart!

Leah’s mother shared a video of the little girl singing her favorite song,“Overcomer” by Mandisa, and the performance quickly went viral reaching millions of people within days of its posting.

The road towards wellness will be trying at times for Leah, but we know she will persist because she has her very own fight song.

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