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Andre Johnson's 80 Second Giving Spree

They all picked the perfect holiday gifts.

During the holiday season, many people feel the spirit of giving a little stronger than they do the rest of the year.  

Even though former NFL Texan wide receiver Andre Johnson has retired from the game, the football star is still very active in his former home of Houston, Texas.

For the 9th year in a row, Andre hosted his annual toy giveaway at a South Houston ToysRUs for children nominated to participate by Child Protective Services.

During the give away, the kids are given 80 seconds (80 being the number of Andre’s jersey) to grab as many toys, games, electronics, and accessories as they can.

This year, the children left with $19,144.58 worth of toys, and a happy heart.


Not all of us are able to show the same sort of generosity as Andre but there are still ways that we can impact the lives of others in positive ways.

And that’s a win for everyone.



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