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Are You In A Rush To Determine Your Purpose?

Pt. 7 of an in-depth series on Destiny guided by T.D. Jakes' most popular lessons.

There is nothing like discovering your purpose. Other than your birth, there is no greater moment in your life than the moment you realize the reason you were born. Trust me: There is nothing like it. The instant you discover your purpose, everything begins making sense — what you’ve been through; why you did “this” instead of “that; why this trauma happened; and why God allowed various things to happen in your life that did not happen to others who came from the same background.

The problem we often run into is the fact that we compare our “infancy” to the greatness of maturity. We look at the individuals who are living the lives we want to live, and we believe that our first steps into that field will place us on the path to realizing the end results at a much faster rate. After all, we study the “greats”, analyzing their every move. However, reality sets in when we try to utilize our unrefined skills to do on their level what we cannot do on our own. We begin at the beginning, but become frustrated by our lack of rapid proficiency. Therefore, we quit, believing that following our current path is an exercise in futility because we did not reach our desired results in the predetermined time. 

That line of thinking is erroneous simply because we do not understand the apparent difference between potential and product.

I say this more often than people wish, but there is nothing like living and enjoying the process.

The reason people do not like to hear anything about process is because we live in such an “instant” type of world, believing the everything can be done now by flipping the “microwave” switch on life. Give it thirty seconds, and our dream is realized.

That “immediate” approach to life is completely incorrect. Just like good food requires preparation, our destiny necessitates that we go through the process. Here is why: Anything given without the process of earning it is disrespected and abused. Imagine a multimillionaire who worked for every penny they received. Their hard work allows them to appreciate what they acquired. Compare that multimillionaire to the child whose entire life has been surrounded by the wealth of his parents. He knows nothing else and wrongfully believes “this” is the way life should be. As a result, when they step into their inheritance, the child is missing several keys of understanding, wisdom, and respect when it comes to the finances given to them by their parents who earned it.

Don’t rush the development of your potential. If you continue “practicing” your gift, you will discover the beauty of the finished product… at the right time.


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