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Are You Prepared To Hire Yourself?

Bet on yourself.

2016 saw strong entrepreneurial growth in the United States for the third year in a row.

Though it can be a daunting challenge, starting your own business can help you capture your dreams and find your purpose in life.

However, it won’t always be easy. Statistically, 9% of small businesses fail in the first year, while 50% close operation after being open for 4 years. These stats are a warning to would-be business owners that, in order to avoid the pitfalls and embrace the opportunities in entrepreneurship, you have to work smart.

Identify which assets you have that you can reinvest into your business while keeping a lookout for potential partnerships that will strengthen your enterprise. Remember: your business will only work as hard as you do so if you work twice as hard, your venture will follow suit.

No matter how small your vision is now, if you give it room to grow, it will flourish and the dreams you envision for yourself will be within your reach. You simply need be ready to take that first step and make the most important hire of your life— yourself.

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