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Avoid These 6 Types Of Toxic People

Some people can make you sick.

There are many different types of people that you will encounter throughout your lifetime. While no two individuals are exactly the same, there are certain people with similar qualities that you can recognize as red flags for toxicity. The negativity these people internalize and exude pushes them to gravitate toward those who are happy and successful in attempts to disrupt their progress and success.

It is important to recognize these six types of toxic people to ensure that they don't rain on your parade.

1. The Hater

These people are simply incapable or unwilling to be happy for anyone else. They battle with an internal insecurity that blinds their ability to genuinely root for other people.

2. The Naysayer

These people are natural pessimists. Despite what it looks like, they believe nothing is ever good enough, right, positive or promising.

3. The Needy Person 

These people are always in need of something –– always. It can certainly suck the life out of you in the process, but they don’t mind as long as they benefit in the end.

4. The Talkative Person

These people talk about others and will surely talk about you just the same. Be wary of those who always have something to say about everything and everybody.

5. The Self-Pity Person

These people take the self-pity pill on a regular basis. Those always playing the role of the victim will never be able to truly find peace and, consequently, can’t offer it either.

6. The Insensitive Person

These people cannot feel compassion or sympathy for anyone but themselves. The only time something impacts them is when it is about just that –– themselves.

If any of these descriptions struck a familiar chord, the offenders' faces or names might have quickly flooded your mind. Take note of what came to mind as you were reading, and think about the best next step to take to show kindness while protecting yourself. Both energy and habits are contagious, so always be conscious of those you surround yourself with to ensure you continue to spread light and not be held down by darkness.

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