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Be The Light

Restoring dignity to those in need at The Street Store.

Everyday, in ways unseen and often taken for granted, our lives abound with blessings. We live connected to our families and friends, and we’re surrounded by comforts and small luxuries that others only dream of.  

Our homeless brothers and sisters endure a much different fate; their personal and emotional suffering is additionally burdened by their physical realities.  Their basic needs are neglected as they suffer a lack of clothing, bathing and nutrition.  

An organization called The Street Store rose to the challenge of clothing those affected by homelessness in a way that helped preserve their dignity and self-agency.  In over 280 cities worldwide, the homeless are able to visit a pop-up “store” and select clothes and shoes that have been donated.  

Those in need around the world are calling on us!  Their pain is our pain; their dignity, ours as well.

Join us in helping those in need through The Potter’s House One Harvest program.  One Harvest provides access to quality food and emotional support for those needing assistance. 

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