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BFFs Get A Beautiful Reminder Of Their Late Parents

Best friends show up.

Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey once said, “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” True to his words, it’s during our most painful times that friendships soothe us and offer relief.

21-year-old Heidi Paat took that knowledge to heart when she decided to gift something beautiful to her two best friends.

Heidi’s friends Vanessa and Norma have both recently experienced the heartbreaking loss of a parent. Being away at college during their passing, Heidi was unable to spend much time consoling the pair but she knew she wanted to give them some sort of comfort.

As a reminder of their loved ones, Heidi prepared a touching gift for each. She created teddy bears for each girl that contained an audio recording of their lost parent. When the friends heard the voices and realized the true nature of their gifts, they were overcome with emotion.

When we are at our lowest, our friends help us up and carry us to a better place. It’s through friendship that we are able to heal ourselves and hope again when life seems it’s most discouraging.

Through Heidi’s meaningful gift, Vanessa and Norma will always have a piece of their lost loved ones and a reminder that there are people who will still love them forever.

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