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Can Twitter Save Your Day?

The heartwarming story of a mom, her son, and a tweet.

No matter how we raise our children, there are certain qualities we want them to grow up to have.

We want them to be successful, we want them to be independant, and we want them to be kind.

For British mom Figen Hett, the knowledge that her son, Martyn, practices kindness was reinforced by a tweet he sent about when she was feeling down.

Martyn had called his mom one day at the end of November to check in with her and found that she was discouraged because she had not sold a single one of her goods at a craft fair she attended.

Feeling heartbroken for his mother, Martyn tweeted a picture of her crafts table at the fair to his followers.


Shortly after he sent the tweet out, Ms. Hett contacted Martyn to tell him she had sold one of her creations. More and more sales soon followed until her online store was sold out of every craft she had lovingly created.


Not only did Twitter brighten the day of Martyn’s mother, it also unknowingly contributed to a good cause.

Ms. Hett is a counselor who crafts for therapeutic reasons (something she advises her own clients to do) and she decided to donate all proceeds from the generous purchases to a local charity, Beacon Counseling.

It seems that kindness and generosity run in this terrific family.


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