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Car Filled With 3 Women Plunges Into Ocean, Angel Appears

Courage caught on tape.

Keith Gorman was working at Pier 5 in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY when he witnessed a car crash through a barrier gate and plunged into the bay. Inside the car was Alla Yelizarov and her two daughters, screaming for help.

Immediately, Keith jumped into the water and began helping the three women escape the sinking car. He got the two girls out first and then then released Alla from her tangled seat belt. All three women were able to get on top of the car and eventually to safety within minutes, thanks to Keith’s quick response.

All three women survived the crash unharmed and are eternally thankful to Keith for his bravery, even calling him an “Angel.”

“Anything could happen, what’s good out of it, is that nobody got hurt,” Keith said.  The Yelizarov family’s life will never be the same because of Keith’s bravery and unselfishness to help others.

This story is an example of how people perform acts of bravery with an instinct to help others because they hope someone will perform the same acts of kindness for them.  It’s the golden rule in action.

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