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Dad Spends Quality Time With His Little Girl On Monthly “Dates”

A father’s love is transformative.

It’s been said that a girl’s father is the first man in her life, and probably the most influential.

For a little girl from Vancouver, her father has set the bar high.

In a Facebook post which has gone viral, Caitlin Fladager shared heartwarming pictures of her husband’s monthly “dates” with their little girl.  

Caitlin shared, “He helped pick out a dress for her to wear, got a little purse ready for her, held the door open for her, and made her feel like a princess.”

Caitlin went on to share that their daughter was beaming after spending quality time with her dad. They shared meals, dessert and above all else, memories to last a lifetime.  

This daddy-daughter duo stands testament to the transformative power of a father’s love and attention.  

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