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Embrace This Season

Embrace your singleness, make the most of the season.

Do you realize your singleness is a gift? I'm embarrassed to think how much precious time I've wasted over the years dreaming and longing for a loving relationship. One day, I realized that my singleness is actually a precious gift. My initial reaction was, "No, let this gift pass me by. I want to give it back. I want a man. I want to be a wife." However, I finally accepted that this gift, like every gift from God, is good.

While single make the most of your singleness. Accept it. Embrace it. Maximize it. Why not celebrate this season? There are specific things you are to learn, develop, and do. There are places to go and people's lives to impact. Why waste this season focusing on what you don't have when you could be making the most of this opportunity? Live in the present, not in the future. Seize every opportunity, because tomorrow is not promised.

Let's say you are 25 years old and you can buy a house, but you refuse to because your dream is to buy your first house with your mate. What you don't know is you will not meet your future mate until you are 38. Look at all the unfruitful time. You have thirteen years to live in your own home, be a wise steward of your money, and be in a better position to buy a nicer home (if you want to) when Mr. or Miss Right comes along.

Use your season of singleness as a time to fully develop your gifts, get that next degree, and start your dream business. Looking at single life correctly will shape you into a 1st Class Single whose possibilities are endless and awesome. Pursue them with great vigor. Be busy in your calling and in your area of giftedness. Take an inventory of yourself. What are your strengths physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally? Capitalize on them. Fully develop and nourish them. Now is the time to do it.

Cheryl Martin is the author of the books, Distinctly You and 1st Class Single. To learn more, visit

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