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Fight The Good Fight

Resist the temptation to give up.

Do you need encouragement to face all the people in your life who don’t want to see you prosper and succeed? It can be hard to deal with toxic folks who constantly bring you down and make you want to just give up.

Look at these people as obstacles that God places in your way for training. There could be a bigger purpose at work for you. Yes, you’ll have times of real struggle, real trials to face. Instead of giving into the temptation to give up on your dreams, think of this one word: resist.

Resist that temptation that tells you to run and hide or forget about your dreams. Think about it as test that, when you face it head on and take it, can make you tougher and more committed than ever. Resistance training isn’t just for physical growth — it can apply to your spiritual growth as well.

Resist that voice that tells you to “give up,” and you'll come out stronger.

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