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Friends Start Mobile Shower Facility For Homeless in Florida

Showered with love.

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Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller have always wanted to make a difference in the world, so after a lot of hard work, determination and fundraising, the two friends since middle school started Live Fresh Palm Beach County. The mission of their business is to offer free showers and toiletries through a 29.5 foot-long air-conditioned trailer to the county’s homeless.

The mobile shower unit pulls up to various faith-based locations across Palm Beach County and assists the homeless with showers, meals and personal hygiene packets. Once a month, they also partner with Genesis Community Health Center to offer health screenings, HIV counseling and referral services.

To Miller, the goal to start Live Fresh was through his random interactions with homeless as well as the thought of seeing “a human being living in the United States walk inside a store with apprehension over being shunned or offensive to the atmosphere due to their odor or disheveled state grabbed at the core of my heart.”

Launching was not easy to get off the ground. Through grants, donations and a lot of determination, Live Fresh was launched on March 31 and have been on a roll since. To date, they have served more than 250 people. “We are grateful for all the help we have gotten of any monetary contributions, toiletries, anything that help us continue what we are doing,” says Bentley.

It’s so refreshing to see these acts of kindness when being overloaded with some much negativity around the world. Here’s hoping Live Fresh gains enough steam to be rolled out to other states around the country. If you would like to contribute to Live Fresh, visit their contribution website here.

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