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From Hero To Husband

Love grown amidst the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Just as there’s light to be found in darkness, we can still find positivety in the midst of the worst catastrophes.

It’s hard to believe that anything positive could be found in the wreckage of the Boston Marathon bombings, but the tragedy succeeded in bringing people together in truly inspiring ways.

In April 2013, Roseann Sdoia was caught in the marathon bombings. The blast badly injured her leg but luckily one of the many brave firefighters who arrived on the scene came to her aide.

That fire-fighter, Mike Materia, comforted Roseann as he tended her wounds and held her hand on the way to the ER. The bombing, unfortunately, caused Roseann to lose the bottom portion of one leg, but she gained something else to help her stand tall: her hero is soon to be her husband.


Love grew between Mike and Roseann amidst the tragedy they faced that day and the pair has deepened their bond even more by announcing their engagement. Through the chaos and pain, they found each other and have brought happiness and love into their lives.

Despite the darkness, true love can uplift, inspire, and endure.

Even though their story started with tragedy, through their love for each other, Mike and Roseann are sure to find their very own happily ever after.

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