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Get Out Of The Way To Go All The Way

Clear a path for your greater purpose.

Sometimes we get so stuck in doing the same thing we’ve always done, we forget that there’s a greater purpose out there waiting for us. Whether it be on the job or in your personal life, in overstaying our current position, not only are we cheating ourselves out of that next step, we are cheating the person who would take over our current role.

When considering your greater purpose, you have to search deep within yourself and ask if you are genuinely satisfied with the place you’re now at. If you know that there’s something more you’re meant to do, than you can’t allow yourself to remain in the same spot when moving forward is the only direction that will bring you happiness.

Many continue to occupy the same role out of fear of taking the next step or worry that no one else will match the job they’ve done. However, without moving on, you’ll never be able to explore your talents and you’ll keep others from exploring theirs.

Once you decide to move out of the way for someone else to pursue their dream, you may find that you can now go all the way with your own.

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