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Greatness Is Contagious

You will catch it if you get around it.

Everything in our lives is interconnected.  

Every animal on earth falls into unique ecosystems; their survival is dependent on an intricate web of connection.  

Indeed, our own connections determine whether we will survive or thrive. The people and things we interact with inform the quality of our lives.  

If we grant access to energy-draining relationships our energy runs dry. If we read books and listen to music full of the pangs of sorrow, soon enough we occupy the same sorrowful space.

This is why it is vital to court greatness and positivity!

Powerful words, songs, movies, and most importantly, people, touch us with their light.  

Let’s look at the truth of our situation; are we surrounded by greatness and light?  

Psychologists have found that what they term, emotional contagion, is a real phenomenon; we are profoundly influenced by other’s emotions and actions.  They found that happiness and greatness thrive within groups of interconnected friends and family.  In fact “happiness extends up to three degrees of separation.”

Surround yourself with real, optimistic people who find the joy in living, and you will as well.  Greatness is in fact contagious.  

Expect greatness from yourself, your work environment and your family interactions and watch the ripple effects of that energy.

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