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Guts, Gadgets And Glory

How younger and older generations can come together.

Baby Boomers may be the Guts generation and millennials the Gadgets, but the two can complement each other in order to find common ground and achieve greatness.

Millennials are unique in that they love organization in their churches and institutions, but they don’t like feeling committed to them. They prefer to “march to the beat of their own drum,” and this may cause Boomers to scratch their heads in frustration, but the older generation has to remember that millennials came from somewhere. And that somewhere was them.

Instead of thinking Guts and Gadgets are worlds apart, each group can learn something from the other. Whether it’s resilience and commitment from Boomers or creativity and freedom of expression from millennials, we’re all much more alike than we are different. Not only can the two groups coexist, they can come together in glory.

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