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Her Labor Of Love

She blinged out his bible and made a beautiful gift.

The Bible is a source for strength for many, but for one young couple it has also become a symbol of their supportive love for each other.

When Reagan Lee was going through personal hardships, her boyfriend, Garrett Chisum, gifted her with his personal bible to offer her comfort, guidance, and relief.

The gift touched Reagan so much that she wanted to return the favor with her own labor of love. The 16 year old spent 3 months personally decorating each page of the gifted bible in order to turn it into a loving present for her boyfriend.

Garrett received the updated bible with illustrations, personal thoughts, and highlighted quotes that are significant to the pair’s relationship. Of course, he loved it!

Showing someone we love them doesn't have to be difficult. It’s the heartfelt gestures that can impact our loved ones the most and make them feel cared for--the same way Reagan and Garrett have done for each other.

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