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Hit By Lightning, Uplifted By Friendship

When tragedy strikes our circle will be there.

When tragedy strikes, true friends will always be there.  

Such was the case between best friends Ethan Kadish and Jacob Smill.  

Two years ago, Ethan was struck by lightning at a summer camp in Indianapolis and almost died. Due to the injuries sustained that fateful night he is unable to walk, talk, feed himself or care for himself in any way.  

During Ethan’s darkest days, Jacob never gave up hope for his friend’s recovery.  

The boys’ friendship runs deep and Jacob knew he had to help in any way he could. He gave his friend his “voice” back by engineering a way for him to communicate with his family and friends again.

Jacob programmed a motherboard to help Ethan communicate everything on his mind; Ethan would lean to the left for yes or to the right for no. After a seemingly endless year and a half of silence, Ethan was brought back to life through Jacob’s invention.  

In this small way Ethan was made whole again – he was given back to those that loved him the most.  

The light of true friendship makes a way, even in the darkest of circumstances.


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