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How A Brush With Death Sent This Man To Medical School

He went from deathbed to doctor.

They say everything happens for a reason.

However, sometimes it’s hard to see what reason there could be for the misfortunes and struggles that come our way.

It isn’t for us to question why these things happen, but instead to find the good in the bad in order to grow from these experiences.

Kevin Morton, who faced a horrible tragedy, turned the unexpected obstacle into a future he could be proud of.

Tragedy struck Kevin Morton. (Photo: Tragedy struck Kevin Morton. )

As a 22 year old college student, he was shot in the parking lot after a shift at his part-time job.

He was rushed into surgery, but the surgeon only gave him a 10% chance of surviving more than 24 hours.

Despite the odds, Mr. Morton not only survived his wounds but was revitalized in his efforts to pursue a career in healthcare.

He achieved despite it all. (Photo: He achieved despite it all. )

Upon graduation from medical school, the now Dr. Morton started his residency at St. John’s Hospital –– the same hospital that saved his life.

Dr. Martin uses his horrific experiences as a motivator to help him be a better doctor, and to be able to connect more with his patients.

He has turned his tragedy into triumph and his struggles into success.

Dr. Morton is doing something we all must remember to do, he is using the opportunities that struggles afford us when we learn to overcome them.

Dr. Martin didn't let anything hold him back. (Photo: Dr. Martin didn't let anything hold him back. )

Life’s trials can be hard to comprehend and even harder to beat.

When we are able to scale them, we come through the other side more adaptable, more powerful, and braver than we were before.

Just as Dr. Morton has done, with faith and an optimistic spirit, we can turn today’s struggles into tomorrow’s success.

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