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How Micromanagement Weighs You Down

Free yourself, both professionally and spiritually.

Micromanagement, whether it’s in a business setting or the church, can be a heavy burden to bear. If you’re a manager, you want to work with people who enhance you and bring out the best in you. The same goes for anyone who’s being managed.

Working, or worshipping, under the burden of micromanagement often leads to poor morale and diminished efficiency. Micromanagers can be overly critical and controlling. Instead of focusing on every little detail of everything, it’s better to learn how to macromanage. For church leadership as well as business leaders, allowing people to flourish on their own, without constant supervision, can yield amazing results for everyone. When people can contribute freely and don’t feel like their every move or thought is being criticized and controlled, the whole team or congregation can win.

Letting go of micromanaging can truly be a blessing.

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