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How One Song Moved The Internet To Tears

Do you have this kind of joy?

When joy is born, it's with a bubbling of excitement.

It's often an uncontrollable sensation that starts in the pits of our stomachs. It climbs up to our chests before breaking free through our exclamations of happiness.

When joy manifests, it does so triumphantly.

Joy lifts us up!(Photo: Joy lifts us up!)

We were given an incredible example of that sort of joy when James Moore posted a video of himself singing and playing the organ in 2012.

Mr. Moore’s song is one of worship and it manifests joy so beautifully that it inspires that feeling in others.

It isn’t just the words he sings. Mr. Moore’s performance broadcasts joy onto the world; the joy he feels within his heart, he puts it into the heart of others.

That is why this moving video has received over 82,000 shares on Facebook.

The emotions we feel when watching this video are reminders of the heights our joy can soar to when fully realized and released.

Let joy show through.(Photo: Let joy show through.)

We know fear can't reach such heights but joy is different. Just as it travels up and out of our bodies, joy climbs ever upward to altitudes where it thrives.

It reaches a place where we too can thrive.

That is the space we must try to live in so we can reach our full potential.

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