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How To Become A Diamond

Don't dull your shine.

Do you know why we give diamond rings upon engagement? They symbolize a promise that the love felt is as strong as the diamond that crowns the band.

Pulled from the depths of the Earth, diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the world and can only be scratched by another diamond.

As durable as diamonds are, it’s easy to forget that every diamond started off as coal.

It takes extreme amounts of pressure over countless years for carbon to transform but it persists and the end result is a valuable treasure greater than before.

And in that way, we must all strive to become diamonds.    

Life’s stresses can wear us down to nothing but we can adapt, endure  and become better because of the struggle.

A recent study of college students and student athletes found that stress management is not about reducing stress, but learning how to respond to it.

The study found that cortisol (known commonly as the stress hormone) is produced no matter what kind of stress you encounter but it does different things depending on your capability.

If you are confident you can meet the challenge before you, cortisol will push your performance to new heights; if you are doubtful, cortisol will hinder you.

The pressure will either build you up or break you down.

Even if we are doubtful, we can still become diamonds by learning how to get into the correct frame of mind.

Often we sabotage ourselves by focusing on our worries. We can counteract this by taking an inventory of our skills and successes.

By reminding ourselves of our strengths, we can become even stronger.

There is no escaping the pressures that will invade your life, but you do not have to react to them with fear or anxiety.

Instead, face them head on and let it transform you for the better.

When you do that, just like a real diamond, nothing will be able to scratch you.

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