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How To Forgive Yourself

It’s time to release the pain.

Looking back on our lives, some moments are sore spots for us. They sit on our hearts and minds with a gravity that is almost unbearable.  

We took the wrong path, said the wrong thing or even hurt the person we loved the most.  

When we do not forgive our own mistakes, we carry around boulders of regret that crush our spirit. We choke back the pain and go through life as best we can, never knowing the freedom of a peaceful heart.

But as Maya Angelou once wrote, “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”

Forgiving ourselves for our mistakes is one of the greatest gifts we will receive.

We are worthy of the forgiveness and ready to use the painful lessons as fuel for our growth.  

In fact, studies show that forgiving ourselves for past mistakes increases our cognitive flexibility and overall psychological health.

To authentically forgive ourselves we must: identify the mistake, honor how this error hurt others/ourselves and believe that we deserve a second chance to get things right.

When we forgive ourselves we embrace a restoration of ourselves. It is time for you to be whole again. Forgive it, forget it and forge a new way forward. 

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