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How Well Do You Treat Yourself?

Put yourself on your calendar.

It’s true that you deserve all the love that you keep trying to give everyone else.

You deserve love, acceptance, grace and all things positive. You constantly give, without need for recognition, from the deepest part of your heart.  

Yet, do you receive this type of devotion in return?

Researchers found multiple benefits to treating ourselves well such as: increased motivation, a significant boost in our happiness, improved body image and reduced psychological distress.

Put yourself on your calendar and make time for the things you love. Everything from the quality of food we eat, to the quality of friends we keep speaks to valuing ourselves.


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Here are some easy ways to treat ourselves better everyday:

At work

Give yourself real breaks. Treating yourself well means bypassing the vending machine and going outside for that coffee, short walk or breath of fresh air. There is a time for grinding out your best work, but treating yourself well means you make balancing it all, in a healthy, less-stressful way, the first task on your to-do list.

At home

Take the time to make wholesome meals for yourself and your family. Surround yourself with colors, images, and items that you love. Take time out of every day to watch or listen to programs and music that make you feel better, and be better.

Without a doubt, if you don’t see yourself as valuable, no one else will! Treat yourself well and that warmth at the core of your being will radiate.




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