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Invest In People Who Invest In You

It's a two-way street.

Are you getting the same amount of support you give?

If you constantly put effort for another person without them putting work into you as well, you’re traveling down a one-way street that will get you nowhere.

According to Dr. Karyn Hall, Ph.D., if you are always looking to please your partner without your own fulfillment or put more time managing their needs and wants than your own, you are acting as a caregiver in the relationship and not as an equal partner.

The danger of being a caregiver instead of an equal is that you will not be able to realistically expect your partner to invest in your happiness, your undertakings, or your motivations.

While you will be fully supportive, you won’t be supported.

The benefits of well invested relationships is actually the subject of the longest running longitudinal study in the world, The Grant Study.

In compiling their data, researchers found that there were two consistent indicators that would predict a person’s longevity. Besides the importance of a happy childhood, the findings also show that supportive relationships are the only tangible way to measuring well-being.

The Grant Study suggests that when you invest in others, they will invest in you and when others invest in you, you invest more fully in life.

Besides finding that having close personal relationships were beneficial, the Harvard-led research project also found that “connecting with and supporting others” gave its subjects even more fulfilment than if they were only receiving support without giving in return.

This means that a healthy relationship really does go both ways.

The instinct to invest in others is a healthy one, but investing in those who invest in you is an even more vital practice to adapt to make every relationship into a two-way street.

That’s a much better way to travel down the road of life.

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