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Little People, Big Hearts

The Most Inspirational Kids of 2016.

2016 has had its fair share of ups and downs but truthfully it was a year of inspirational moments.

So many of those moments were made possible by heroic, kind, and giving children all over the world.

Here are the most inspirational children featured this year on

1. Emma’s Incredible Invention.

Emma Yang developed the app Project Timeless in order to help people like her grandmother who have memory loss. The incredible invention landed her on the CE 10 under 20 list.

2. Thomas’ Generous Gift.

When then 8 year old Thomas Moore learned of little Kyssi Andrew’s loss of her hair due to a battle with cancer, Thomas began growing his own out. After two years of growth, he cut his long locks in order to make wigs for three others.

3. Madelyn’s Rescue Call.

When 3 year old Madelyn recognized her mother was having a life threatening emergency because of low blood pressure, she used the song she was taught in order to call 911, allowing EMTs to be dispatched and rescue her mother.

4. The PS 22 School Choir.

When Mrs. Lopez, a teacher at PS 22, shared her cancer diagnosis, the school’s choir decided to show their support with an end of year performance of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”. The touching performance gained so much attention that the choir was invited to perform it alongside McBride on The View.

5. Team Diego.

When then 6 year old Diego Mercado saw a person with a prosthetic leg like his own running in a marathon, he was inspired to do the same. Team Diego was born from that motivation and became a non-profit organization run by Diego and dad Captain Jason Mercado in order to raise money to provide prosthetics to children and vets.

6. Ciro’s Advice.


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11 year old Ciro Ortiz decided to set up a booth inside of a NYC subway in order to both provide emotional advice to those who need it as well as buy treats for children at his school with the money he raised from helping.

7. Big Brother To The Rescue.

9 year old Joseph Levi was in the right place at the right time when he heroically dove and caught his infant brother from falling off of his changing table, saving the boy from all injury.

8. Mr. Ellis’ Serenade.

When Ben Ellis had to stop teaching because he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, 400 of his former students gathered outside his home and sang hymns to lift his spirits and remind him that he is not alone.

9. A Brother’s Love.

When big sister Belle was away for a school function, she received a surprise message from her little brother Ryan telling her how much he loved and missed her. The texts were shared on Belle’s Twitter where they quickly went viral because of their moving message.

10. Jada’s Question.

Jada Smith planned a special game to playfully ask the women who have raised her if they would make their family official and adopt her. The feel-good video of Jada’s question slowly being revealed went viral on Youtube.

Children can teach adults so much but the biggest thing they taught us in 2016 was that anyone can be a force for good in this world.

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