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Master Chef Makes Food For The Homeless

Giving back warms your soul.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chef Justin Aprahamian, owner of the acclaimed restaurant, Sanford, shares his culinary expertise with a local homeless shelter.  

The men and women of the shelter spend their days trying to get their lives back on track and searching for jobs.  Chef Aprahamian and his staff serve them up gourmet meals made with warmth and consideration to support their positive steps forward.  The sumptuous french dish, Cassoulet, for example, consisting of duck, sausage, pork and hearty vegetables, is made with the utmost care.

Chef Aprahamian shared, “We take a lot of pride in what we send over.  We don’t cut any corners for them.”  

Robert Howard, a shelter resident, shared, “I can tell that it’s like a person that made it that’s from home.  It tastes better than that!”

The classically trained chef uses his culinary gifts to inspire the men and women of the shelter to see themselves as worthy; they matter to him and his food shows it.

Wanting them to get their lives and health back on track, Chef Aprahamian and his staff at Sanford, serve up the nightly gift of true dignity.

To help those in need, join our efforts in any small way you can at:

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