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Mom The Mediator: How The Relationship With Mom Impacts The Whole Family

Communication bridges the gap.

At times it can feel like the members of your family are speaking an entirely different language than you are. This miscommunication can, at the very least, be an annoyance but often turns into a recurring problem that builds into a major family conflict.

This issue is generally one that pops up for dads in particular and can turn into a full blown parental melt down when father and child can’t seem to get on the same page. That’s when it’s time for a mediator to step in.

Though studies have found that children with highly involved dads tend to flourish, it’s still Mom who is the family mediator, translator, and peace keeper in so many situations. Not only does the mother explain her children to their father, she often has to explain their father to her children. With this role in mind, it’s so important for a strong relationship to be cultivated between mother and father.

As the family mediator, mom is a valuable ally that can help dad better understand at times when it seems that he and the children are from totally different worlds. However, if your relationship with the mother is strained and difficult, chances are your relationship with your children will be the same.

Cooperative relationships and clear communication aren’t just important with the mom in your life, but you may find that if you can maintain an understanding partnership with her, there’s a good chance you can apply that to any relationship you have.

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