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Nothing Can Stop A Giving Heart

Even broken, Jakeem answered the call.

With giving back such a popular subject during the holidays, it’s no surprise to see many stories of charity and good will popping up.

In fact, with the advent of social media, touching stories are more likely to go viral than ever.

If there is one story worthy of going viral, it’s that of Jakeem Tyler and his giving heart.

Jakeem is a young man who recently suffered a terrible accident. While driving, he was T-boned in his vehicle by another driver. Jakeem came out of the accident with injuries but was alive, thankfully.

Though his survival is remarkable, it’s what happened afterward that is truly inspiring.

With his arm in a sling and neck in a brace, Jakeem returned to his job as a cashier. He wanted to raise money in order to feed the homeless, as he has done every Christmas since age 7. He wasn’t going to let the car accident to stop him.


Jakeem’s customers were kind enough to ask about his injuries but it wasn’t until one customer took a picture of Jakeem at work and shared it on Facebook that his story got its due attention.

Jakeem’s motivation resonated with people everywhere and soon a Go Fund Me, started by the same customer, became massively popular. It’s raised over $43,000 to date.

Jakeem spoke with and shared that he was very thankful to everyone who supported him and hoped “to live up to everyone's expectations”.

As for the funds raised, Jakeem intends to “feed the homeless multiple times” and “also put some money aside to start the foundation” he plans to organize that will bring help and awareness to those in need.

Jakeem, who has dreams to become a traveling missionary, shared the hope he would like others to feel when they hear his story.

He said, “2017 will be a year that opens up doors to everyone as long as we keep our faith”.

This story stands to remind us that people like Jakeem and their giving hearts can’t be stopped no matter what stands in their way.

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