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One Day With God

Imprisoned fathers and their children reunite for one incredible day.

The greatest job a man will ever have is to be a father.

As fathers, they must set their children on the right path and provide the fatherly advice that their little ones will need throughout their lives.

For thousands of children around the country, these interactions with their fathers are hindered because the fathers have been sentenced to spend considerable time behind bars.

Though it’s their fathers who are jailed, it is the children who suffer the most in these situations, as Ms. Scottie Barns knows from personal experience.

As a child, Ms. Barns’ own father was jailed most of her young life, missing out on all of the key moments of her childhood.

This understanding of what children lose out in when their parent is in prison motivated Ms. Barns to start her prison ministry program, “One Day With God”.

Children are able to play with their parents without bars to separate them.(Photo: Children are able to play with their parents without bars to separate them.)

“One Day With God” provides the opportunity for children to spend the day with their jailed fathers to get back a little of their lost time. Some children haven’t seen their fathers in months or years while others have never met them in person before their “One Day With God”.

 The impact of this program is clear when you see the looks on the children’s faces.

They are overcome with a mixture of happiness, relief, and excitement when they see their fathers, even while knowing their reunion is only for one day.

As Ms. Barns mentions in the video of the reunited children and fathers that has gone viral, oftentimes the children are the silent victims when their parents are locked up.

Because of their fathers’ offenses, these children will miss so many special moments with their parent and will be likely to carry a small sense of resentment towards them.

A child's love for their parent is a strong thing.(Photo: A child's love for their parent is a strong thing.)

It will be difficult, but the opportunities granted by “One Day With God” lay the groundwork for the healing and forgiveness these children need to reconnect with their estranged parent.

The looks on their faces reveal the pure joy and love a child feels when they look at their father and that is a moment that can’t be locked away.

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